Returning Students

Dual Enrollment program staff provide enrollment support to new students only. Returning students are restricted to the courses on the Designated Course List (DCL) regardless of previous credits earned as a Dual Enrollment student. Returning students are in charge of obtaining overrides and enrollment on their own by utilizing the information on the Designated Course List. Courses not on the DCL are not available to DE students regardless of circumstance.


Subsequent Enrollment

After being accepted you will be able to enroll for future courses at MSU as a Dual Enrollment Student in directly subsequent semesters. For example, if you enroll in a class in the Fall, you do not have to fill out another Dual Enrollment Application for the Spring. This also applies across academic years: If you are enrolled in Spring, you do not have to fill out another application for Fall. Instead, in both of these cases, simply follow the instructions on the Designated Course List for enrollment instructions. Summer courses are exempt from continuous enrollment standards.

However, if you “skip” a semester or more (i.e. if you took a class in the Fall, then do not take a class in the Spring, and want to take another class the following Fall), you would have to fill out another Dual Enrollment application and begin the process anew.

Students who remain enrolled do not need a new application each year, but do need a new School Billing form annually. Please complete the form and email it to the address on the upper right of the form. Do NOT send it to the Dual Enrollment office.

If you choose to come to MSU after high school graduation, you will need to fill out a regular MSU undergraduate application. Participating in Dual Enrollment does not guarantee acceptance to MSU as an undergraduate student. If you are accepted at MSU, you will need to transfer the MSU credits you earned as a high school student from lifelong education to your degree program. Your undergraduate degree department can assist you in getting the credits transferred properly.

Please feel free to contact Dual Enrollment staff at if you have any questions about the Dual Enrollment process.

Courses and qualifications are further restricted at the discretion of Michigan State University and the Designated Course List and program requirements can be changed without notice.