Designated Course List (DCL)

Dual Enrollment students may only choose from undergraduate courses on the Designated Course List (DCL). Courses not on the DCL are not available to DE students regardless of circumstance.

Things to remember:

  • Some of the courses listed have prerequisites—you can view prerequisite information at The schedule website also lists class days and times.
  • If your student has taken an AP exam, please reference the AP Equivalencies chart for information about how their scores translate to potential prerequisite credit.
  • Course availability is subject to change. The Dual Enrollment program cannot guarantee your enrollment in a specific course, as courses may become full.  Some courses may not be offered each semester.  Refer to the Schedule of Courses at for dates and times available. 
  • Please remember that participating in Dual Enrollment at MSU is a privilege, not a right. No high school student, no matter how accomplished, is owed a spot in an MSU course.
  • Dual enrollment courses are designated by each MSU department. The MSU Dual Enrollment staff does not participate in selecting any courses listed on the DCL and has no authority to dictate which courses are offered.


Courses and qualifications may be further restricted at the discretion of Michigan State University and the Designated Course List and program requirements can be changed without notice.