Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is an opportunity for students in grades 9.5-12 to enroll in select undergraduate courses at Michigan State University while in high school.

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Are you interested in Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment (DE) is an opportunity for students in grades 9.5-12[1] to enroll in select undergraduate courses[2] at Michigan State University while in high school. Students interested in Dual Enrollment may choose this option because they:

  • Have exhausted the advance course options in their high school.
  • Are interested in exploring an elective not available to them at their home school.
  • Are nearing the end of their high school career and want to take an introductory course in a subject to see if that course is worth pursuing in their collegiate career.

Whatever the motivation, Dual Enrollment at MSU is a great way for a student to slowly acclimate themselves to collegiate studies.


[1] Applicants must have completed at least one full semester (of at least 5 classes) of high school before applying. Student applications must include an official high school transcript reflecting a qualifying GPA.

[2] Undergraduate courses as indicated on the Designated Course List (DCL). Courses not on the DCL are not available to DE students regardless of circumstance.

As of fall 2021, students may only seek enrollment from a predetermined list of courses. For a list of course options please visit the Designated Course List link above.

Dual Enrollment Guidebook

The Dual Enrollment Guidebook is now available! The guidebook has most of the information available here on our website, as well as screenshots and instructions for the new online application system. Please note that this new process may require frequent updates to the guidebook so make sure you have the most recent update by downloading directly from our site. Our end goal is to have a polished reference material for schools and families alike to reference.

Courses and qualifications may be further restricted at the discretion of Michigan State University and the Designated Course List and program requirements can be changed without notice.